This is a question that is posed and answered so differently by so many.

In our geographical context no one has yet to counter the question with another question.

What part of Capoeira would you like an explanation for?

  • The Tangible or the Intangible part there-of?
  • The Art, the Martial Art or the Sport?
  • The Mental, the Physical or the Spiritual?
  • The Language or the Culture?
  • The Music or the Movement?
  • The Past, the Present or the Future?
  • The Personal or the Social Aspect?
  • The Fight or the Friendship?
  • The Conversation or the Argument?
  • The Honesty of Expression or the Motivation of Malice?

When you know what you are asking, only then can you expect an answer.

Yes… it is said that it an art brought to Brazil by African slaves, as it is also said that that it is a form of expression that is solely born out of repression. Most of its historical explanations are (as most things historical, written by the victor) and will vary from author to author.

But it only takes a short period of time to start to understand the depths that Capoeira reaches and the crevices of your soul that it starts to inhabit.

Capoeira is a fight, a game and a dance. A play with perilous movements executed with grace, mischievousness and many rituals. A dance where the agility of the dodge and the shrewdness of the escape is prevalent. The feet that glide across the floor can produce fatal kicks: all of a sudden, before the adversaries surprised eyes, a rapid gesture. This dance; as long as it forms a corporal expression – possesses a language where each gesture signifies and represent ideas, sentiments and emotions. Sensations!

The game of Capoeira is the synthesis of a dance, in its essence disguised in a game. In this dance an ancient African of respecting its origins, manifests itself.
Capoeira consists of a dance where precarious movements are employed – given the circumstance to camouflage the intentions – it involves the participants and becomes a contagion for whoever watches. The duplicitous nature of a fight disguised in the form of a game combined with objectivity and precision in the attack, quick defences, original, where the body is used to its limits.
The game of Capoeira is the first original manifestation of liberation of Brazilian culture. This game was not only a revolutionary movement; it was an instrument of transformation cemented in the oldest cultural roots of the Brazilian Nation. An instrument and voice of a nation in a fight for a dialogue of equality, respect and fraternal between all people.

In the rodas of the game of Capoeira is a warrior’s game, a past-time between comrades united in the same struggle. When the game degenerates into an explicit fight, Capoeira ceases to exist!

The objective is to make the capoeirista responsible for himself and integrated within the group. In the recesses of the community a learning occurs and the practice of the game, in a collective and fraternal manner.
The high point of the struggle was always to resist, against discrimination, against opportunists and in general those that wish to take advantage (in a negative way) and disregard the values of our beautiful culture and try to adulterate her.

The game of Capoeira is a fight of resistance of a nation the always reacted against domination. The Capoeira fight is one of insubordination, it is subversive and reactionary and more than every re-affirming Mans principal value…. LIBERTY!